App Event Trigger


App Event Trigger runs a flow when something happens in your application. While you can always run the flow directly via API or SDK, this trigger helps you:
a) Shift some of the logic to platform: you can always fire an event and let decide which flows to launch.
b) Let your users configure the trigger logic by configuring additional filters for when to launch the flow.

App Events

Before creating App Event trigger, you need to create an App Event from the corresponding page in the Integration Console. When you create an App Event, it will give you an URI:
Whenever you make an HTTP request to this URI (you can use any HTTP method), flows attached to this app event will be launched. To


Here is how App Event Trigger configuration looks like:
type: app-event
eventKey: app-event-key
$var: $.input
- field: userId
operator: is
$var: $.flow.userId


Data Event Trigger has the following parameters:
  • eventKey - key of the app event you've created.
  • output - output of the trigger. It will be used as input for the Entrypoint trigger is connected to. Data you send to the App Event's URI will be available using $.input locator - you can extract the fields you need or just use contents of the HTTP request as output (default).
  • filter - a Data Filter applied to the event.