Create a Flow Blueprint
​Flow Blueprints describe how your integration works, regardless of a specific third-party app or a user. It consists of Nodes arranged one after another.
In our case, we need just three nodes:
Go to the Flow Blueprints page in Console and use the "Import Data" template to create a new blueprint:
Then you want to configure your desired data schema. Click on the "Transform Data" node and add a few fields, like "name" and "email" to the Integration UI settings:
You see Output is mapped to "User Input" by default, that means that we will let users decide how to transform data. And the fields (schema) we described in "Integration UI" section will be shown to your users, so they can fill these fields when they configure integration.
To make the integration clearer to your user, you can rename the nodes, for example like this:
You can test how the flow will look end-to-end for your user by clicking the "Test" button in the top right corner. You will be asked to create a connection, select data to import, and transform it into the structure you defined.
Now, let's add the integration to your app (you can use a sandbox like if you don't want to do it directly in your app.
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