App Data Collections
App Data Collections provide access to your application's data.
They allow to:
  • Read, create, and update data records in your app.
  • Map fields between your app and third-party app using Field Mappings.
  • Define per-user Data Schemas. This is useful when your application has per-user custom fields you want to use in integrations.

Fields Schema

When creating a data collection, you can specify its fields schema:
This schema will be used whenever you refer to the App Data Collection in your integrations, and will be automatically updated whenever you change it here.

Dynamic Collection Specification

If you want your App Data Collection to work differently for each user, you can define a Collection Spec Request:
This request should return Data Collection Spec as a response. This request will be made whenever App Data Collection is used in the context of a specific user:
  • When configuring Field Mapping (or any Flow Node using a field mapping) in the UI.
  • When configuring Flow Nodes that read or modify data in the collection.
Whenever used without user context (for example, when you configure integrations in Console), the default field schema will be used.
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Fields Schema
Dynamic Collection Specification