Data Links
Data Links represent relations between data records in your application and data records in external applications.
For example, you may want to link a Person in your app with a corresponding Contact in a third-party app or the other way around, and then use this link to update Contact in a third-party app when a Person in your app changes.

Data Link Tables

Data Links are organized in Data Link Tables. You can configure them in Console on the "Data Links" page. Each table represents one set of relationships. For example, "Contacts to Contacts" or "Meetings to Deals". You can use Data Link Tables in:

Data Link Table Instances

When something wants to use Data Link Table in a Flow Instance, a Data Link Table Instance will be created for each pair of Data Link Table + Connection. I.e. all references to the same Data Link Table within the same connection will share the same set of data links, but for different connection a different set of data links will be used.
You can find all the Data Link Table Instances on the "Instances" tab of the Data Links page. If you click on a given Data Link Instance, you can see and modify the list of Data Links in that instance.

Data Links

Data Link is a record within Data Link Table Instance that has:
  • externalRecordId - id of a record on the third-party app's side.
  • appRecordId - id of a record on your app's side.
  • direction - one of:
    • export - link from your app to a third-party app.
    • import - link from third-party app to your app.
Data Link is created with the following data:
  • dataLinkTableInstanceId - id of Data Link Table Instance to associated the record with
  • externalRecordId
  • appRecordId
  • direction - export, import, or both.
If direction both is selected then both export and import link will be created.
Only one link with the same externalRecordId, appRecordId, and direction can exist within a single Data Link Table Instance. If another one is created, it will overwrite the previously existing one.
When finding a data link with a Flow Node or a Formula, you need to provide:
  • dataLinkTableInstanceId
  • direction
  • recordId
Find External Record Id and Find App Record Id formulas provide direction automatically.
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